About Us

Grassroots Seed Network is a newly formed seed exchange, governed by its membership and funded by membership dues, grants, and donations from individuals and organizations. We are currently national in scope, but intend to expand to include international members.

In recent years there has been an alarming narrowing down in the seed industry to a point where a very few international corporations control a large percentage of the world’s commercial seed supply. At the same time, we have lost countless open-pollinated vegetable varieties. In Europe, efforts continue to limit seed saving and the free exchange of those seeds which represent an irreplaceable wealth of genetic diversity and are repositories of culture, history, and personal stories.

These developments have increased our sense of urgency in creating an organization dedicated to the preservation of open-pollinated seeds and to keeping those seeds in circulation. The work of those who have already preserved varieties for decades needs to be supported, and the education of a new generation of seed savers needs to be secured. Grassroots Seed Network has been formed to provide a platform for this work, and to encourage communication among seed savers for the sharing of knowledge and information.

To ensure that our Network is dedicated to the people it serves, the Board of Directors will be composed of those members who are engaged in saving and sharing seeds, and who are elected by those who save and share seeds.

The success of our organization will depend not just on the seeds offered through our Source List, but on the engagement, participation, dedication, creativity, and ideas of the entire membership. This is your organization!

Please visit the Membership page to learn how to participate, and the Donations page to help support our work.

Grassroots Seed Network
Telephone: 207-491-4259