Founding a new organization has many challenges. Our Steering Committee has invested months in laying a solid foundation for GSN, and much of the initial infrastructure is in place. We still have great visions for our future, and we need your help to realize these.

We are deeply grateful to those who have sent contributions in our first year, demonstrating trust in our ability to form the organization, and understanding the need for this Network to exist. There is still much to be done. Our first Board election is imminent. Once seated, the Board will apply for 501(c)3 nonprofit status. The website still needs fine-tuning, we want our Forum (which will serve all members) to be functioning well, and we plan to produce a printed edition of our seed list in the coming year. To do all this we need greater financial stability and the ability to meet our financial obligations responsibly.

We’re asking for your donations to help in this work. But at least as important is emphasizing that this is YOUR organization. We need your financial help to get it off the ground, but it is your participation with your energy, dedication, creativity, and talent that will ultimately guarantee the success of the Network. Please help in any way you can. At present, donations will be used to cover current operating costs. Once a Board of Directors is seated, we will address strategies for longer-term development.

Thank you so much! Please send your donations, with checks made out to the Grassroots Seed Network, to the following address:

Many thanks for your interest and your support!