Canceling the Board Election

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Martha Gottlieb
Canceling the Board Election

Dear GSN members,
  We, the two members of the nominating committee have reluctantly come
to believe that the current election is so flawed that it should be
canceled.  We will hold another, better executed election in a few
Here are our reasons for this action.
First and most important, the slate of nominees is incomplete. One,
perhaps two people, were left off the list of candidates on the ballot.
Therefore, in order to honor the electoral process, the election has to
be redone.
 Second, the nominating committee is charged with the duty of creating
the ballot and running the election.  Unfortunately we were not the ones
who did this job. It will be our pleasure to run the new one.
  We will be in touch with you all as the situation develops, and we
look forward to your reactions by email and in the forum.
             Holly Dumont
             Martha Gottlieb

in support of cancelling the election

I think that candidates left off the ballot is reason enough to cancel the election and start anew.