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Joseph Lofthouse
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Deleting Posts

For the purposes of being open and forthcoming, I am writing to let you know that Sylvia Davatz has been advocating that my recent post to the forum be deleted.

As far as I can tell, she doesn't like it that I wondered about Paul's ability to be tolerant of my type of seed within the Network. How about it Paul? Do you think that there is room inside the Grassroots Seed Network for promiscuously pollinated seed?

And Sylvia? How much do you believe in an open exchange of ideas and information?

And to the steering committee in general: I wish that you would instruct Ashley to change the moderation policy to allow instant postings to the forums. As an organization, we really can't afford to pay someone to be approving posts to forums. Database Administrator time is better spent on other issues.

Melissa Hilsgen
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I agree on the issue of

I agree on the issue of moderation policy. The extensive pre-moderation before posting is going to be costly as the forum becomes used more. I have managed a few pages, open blogs and open FB pages and have discovered that posts are good 99% of the time. I would be interested in hearing from the actual moderator for this forum if they find this the case as well?

I hope Ashley addresses this

I hope Ashley addresses this query herself, but i could and will point out that the system you're proposing (M.) is being put in place, if it isn't already, so that one will be able to post immediately. This is an interim decision, supported by the majority of the Board with much positive input from members, and an be reviewed at our first meeting. 

That being said, i must also say that your proposal, Joseph, if applied to the extreme, is impossible to allow, as it exposes us to legal risk, while possibly doing a grave injustice to the person referenced. That exchange with CR is a good example: some people are extremely quick to take offense, but there's no denying that CR had just cause, given that your comment was based on inaccurate assumptions. I have trouble accepting Sylvia's assertion that no comments should be personal or critical - how else can an election be democratic or meaningful? - yet she quite rightly points out how it can go wrong. I'm not willing for us to lose our free and transparent communication, nor am i willing that members should leave in disgust because  they are put off by all the bickering, even necessary and valid bickering. We do need standards, and we need a thorough and open-minded discusion of just what is and isn't accceptable. We're a long way from that now.

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moderating posts

Yup, moderation of every post in reply is still sitting in a queue somewhere.  I thought this was supposed to be fixed?