Inbreeding Depression

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Joseph Lofthouse
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Inbreeding Depression

As I look at the heirloom seed movement, I see a tremendous problem with inbreeding depression. I suppose that it's to be expected if a variety is maintained in a "pure" state for 60 generations.

I avoid inbreeding depression in my crops by encouraging promiscuous pollination in every crop. Even among the mostly inbreeding crops I keep a careful watch for the occasional natural cross pollination and give them a special place in my

Jim Tjepkema
Inbreeding Depression

Josrph, I would like to get some of your seeds to add to my collection.  Could you recomend some that I could try that might work well in my backyard urban garden devoted to seed saving anf providing food for my family.  I am not ready to go the route you are going on moving completely away from maintaining pure lines of seed.  However, I see merit in your approach and would like to try growing one or two of your offerings that you have produced by encouraging promiscuous pollination.  Also, I will look foward to learning more about your approach to seed saving.