Suggesting More Formal Voting Process

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Joseph Lofthouse
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Suggesting More Formal Voting Process

I'd like to recommend that the GSN impliment a more formal voting process. Based on recent public events, and private gossip, it seems like the steering committee is winging it, and that some members of the committee are taking actions and making rules in the name of the steering committee that really haven't been agreed on. My recommendation would be to put specific questions onto a ballot, and get specific yes/no votes on those questions before moving forward. No quibbles allowed. If a yes vote requires a quibble, then perhaps it would serve the GSN better to vote no until the quibble is resolved.

My compliments to Holly and Martha for taking a firm stance on cancelling an election that was initiated through improper channels. I'm hoping that the new ballots will come with some built in security features, such as a watermark and having serial numbers. For what it's worth, I signed my ballot when I was finished filling it out. Secret voting doesn't appeal much to me.