Ben Levitt

  I would love to participate on the board of GSN for a number of reasons, primarily I would like to have fun and learn more! I am so excited to be part of a network of people that want to take a proactive role in agriculture. Seed saving to me represents freedom-a way to break the chains that sometimes bind me to a commodified lifestyle. I feel like it is now more important than ever to steer agriculture and our food supply into an accessible, hands-on movement that is controlled by average people and not just educated or privileged people who can afford land and schooling. I think that truly democratic organizations and individuals who want it bad enough can help to pick up the pieces and get us out of the post world war 2 mess we have been left with. It's pretty obvious by now, industrial farming and agricultural practices that poison the earth and leave us dependent on mined/chemical fertilizers have got to go!

   I also believe that in an ideal world, money has no place in the food supply. One of the reasons I am interested in being part of a seed saving organization is to voice that opinion when I can... seeds have been passed down to us for countless generations and to me that means they represent responsibility and security, not commodity. I think it is our responsibility to share them and help them to evolve. I feel like our ancestors would be pretty bummed if they were here to witness the seeds they helped develop being copyrighted.

   It probably sounds like I am pretty preachy but honestly I just want to challenge myself, educate myself and others and have a good time. Emphasis on the good time. If I can help to repair the damage done in the past one hundred years and positively effect the future, great! In the meantime I'll be messing around with plants and drawing pictures.