Dayna McDaniel

 I have been a seed saver since the late 70s.  Since retiring from work I have been actively teaching seed saving for 8 years.  The seed savers group I started in my town has recently opened a seed library.  We are offering over 150 varieties of seeds in the seed library with free seed saving classes.  Our annual events include a seed exchange and a plant exchange.  The seed saving classes I teach have always been done for free since I feel it is an important skill to pass on to others.  My motto:  "Teaching a skill is a lifetime gift, be generous."  The seed library has an optional $1.00 lifetime donation to join.  The seed library is located in an area of town that will really benefit from the patrons being able to grow fresh produce since it is termed a "Food Desert."  

I worked in the greenhouse business and owned my own greenhouse for 9 years when I was younger.  Horticulture was firmly rooted in my life from that time on-I am a plant geek!  Growing things from seeds is so fascinating.  Seeds are what feed this world and that makes them so vital to our very existence.  Sustainable farming practices are something that I feel to be a prime topic of importance in our present situation and the future, it is too bad that they weren't practiced widely previously.  But we can only move forward from this point and not lament the past.  I am optimistic about the growth of the organic movement and the impact it is making on our economy.  

The Facebook Group that I Co founded is growing rapidly and the members are eager to learn how to farm in responsible and sustainable ways that will positively impact our communities.  Every community needs seed savers to teach and give others this beautiful ability to save something that farmers have done since the beginning of time.  

Be generous my dear fellow seed savers we have gifts to share.