Will Bonsall

Although I may be known for my long-time extensive involvement with seed saving, I

feel that is not relevant to my candidacy for the Board. Rather I have been insistent on the 

DEMOCRATIC structure of the organization, without which we are indeed no alternative 

to SSE. In the course of founding the fledgling group, I have constantly consulted with 

people outside of our Steering Committee, and brought those perspectives into our 

discussion. GSN’s primary focus must be on promoting seed saving and supporting seed-
savers, not in promoting and supporting itself per se. We have an important vehicle for 

democratic action in the online Forum (and need to find ways to make it more accessible 

to off-line members), and I hope all members will participate in discussions there; 

that is, after all, the core of any vital democracy. I for one intend to use it as a means 

for soliciting ideas and opinions from and between general members and the Board. I 

also intend to post my cell-phone number, so that I can be more accessible to follow-